Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Prepare to be staggered

There's an NHS risk report detailing what will happen if the Tories' NHS Reform Bill is passed. Rumour has it that the bottom line is 'apocalyptic' - because the bill has nothing to do with improving the health service and everything to do with selling it off to private providers of the sort who've done such a bang-up job in the United States.

Obviously the Tories don't want to publish the report, because it will expose the bill as a selfish, ideologically-driven bit of class warfare.

Nobody, I suspect, will be surprised to hear that Paul Uppal, my local MP, voted against making the report public. He certainly doesn't believe that an informed electorate is an empowered electorate. Or perhaps he does - and fears it!

What else has he been up to recently? Well according to his webpage, nothing since February 9th - there's certainly no mention of his disastrous appearance at the Students' Union debate. Which is odd because the neighbouring Labour MP, Emma Reynolds, seems quite proud to have attended. Perhaps Paul thinks no news is good news.

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