Saturday, 4 February 2012

Let's Play Bullshit Bingo!

Here we are in Loughborough for the School Games team manager orientation weekend. I'm particularly looking forward to the Venue Orientation session, because the venue is the Olympic Park, whereas we're 150 miles away…

I'm gradually ticking off the buzzwords. We've already had 'challenge', 'opportunity', 'going forward', 'empower', 'going forward' (this last makes me yearn for the techniques of the Spanish Inquisition), bloody 'journey', and a painful ice-breaker involving holding hands and moving round without breaking contact. This seems particularly redundant, given that a) I've known these people for at least ten years, and b) my room-mate and colleague paraded round the room in the nip this morning. I consider the ice well and truly broken. I hate the 'bonding' culture. It's against my Irish cultural inheritance: answer every question with a question. Give nothing away. Repression is everything. They're only after confiscating my land.

Now we're on to 'Values'. Apparently we're not allowed the same 'values' as the Olympics. Are they copyrighted? I've suggested we adopt this set of values:

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