Monday, 20 February 2012

Academics: Satan's little helpers

Lovely Rick Santorum thinks that education itself is Satanic because it encourages people to think for themselves and not take things for granted. This man is now leading the Republican race for the presidential nomination. Academics: expect your midnight visit on Inauguration Day. There'll be plenty of room in the camps alongside the gays, atheists, liberals and women.

The 'pride of smart people' makes academics Satan's Little Helpers - because they 'deny the existence of truth'. 'Academia, a long time ago, Fell'. The root of America's failure is 'educating the elite… the first to fall'.

Amazingly, he feels that politicians were the last to 'Fall'!

Wish I could find the Doonesbury strips in which Zipper refuses to answer questions in class on the grounds that elite liberal 'filters' - like academics - play 'gotcha' with ordinary decent Americans by insisting on 'knowing stuff'.

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