Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Awful day. One of my subject heads, a close friend, has had a massive stroke and we don't know what will happen to him. It looks very bleak and we're all shocked.

In the meantime, some random pictures from the ones I took in London at the weekend. They have no photographic merit, they're just pretty. You can see the whole lot here. I played around with my new 11-16 f/2.8 panoramic lens. Great skies. Click on them to enlarge.

A wedding party we chanced upon in Greenwich. 

Greenwich Naval College Chapel

Greenwich Naval College Chapel

Solitary man contemplates time gazing at the Royal Observatory and the meridian line

Lanterns at the Queen's House, Naval College, Greenwich

Colonnade between the Maritime Museum and Queen's House, Greenwich Naval College

Time – or the Meridian – made this area of London the centre of the world: now it's Canary Wharf

This child is planning an act of unspeakable, implacable evil. Just look into his eyes.

Roof of the Painted Hall, Greenwich Naval College

Painted Hall, Greenwich Naval College
I strongly approve of the sentiment. I just don't think he'll get much done here.

A very photogenic uncle

I know they're vermin (and from experience, very tasty vermin), but they're so cute!

Squirrels go nuts for, er, nuts. 

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