Thursday, 30 August 2012

RIP the Proto-Mensch

So, Sir Rhodes Boyson is dead.

For you young folk, the Tories didn't always have professional trolls like Louise Mensch to amuse and vex us. They had pop-eyed loonies like Sir Richard Body, of whom the exasperated John Major said that 'whenever I see him approaching, I hear the sound of white coats flapping'; the sadly still elected Bill Cash who substitutes intelligence for hideous sports coats and finally Sir Rhodes Boyson, a living, breathing embodiment of the bigotry, selfishness, know-nothing attitude, small-mindedness and viciousness at the heart of the Conservative Party.

Thankfully, he was too divorced from humour and popular culture to spot a wind-up, and so I present to you his finest moment:

And unlike Mensch, he had staying power.


crispy said...

but although he himself isn't present, this is the thing i first thought of when i heard the news...

The Plashing Vole said...

Magnificent. I've never seen it before.