Monday, 9 July 2012

Fried Olympic rings with that sir?

Another weekend, another Olympics training session. Mostly consisting of memorising silly acronyms ('I DO ACT = too tedious to bore you with) while various celebs (Coe, Johnson, Cameron etc) loom out of the screen to say patronising and/or vacuous things to groans from the assorted volunteers. We did have the pleasure of a former Olympian (not a medal winner, they're too busy recording washing-up liquid and car tyre adverts) repeatedly refer to his muscles as his 'guns' a la Ron Burgundy with a touch of Alan Partridge.

But the day's big event was queuing outside an East End warehouse for three hours to collect the Official Gamesmaker's Uniform! I won't torture you with a picture of me, but here are some younger, thinner and less bitter people modelling it for us. I'm particularly taken with the epaulettes, the cuffs and the baseball cap, not at all reminiscent of the colours and shapes employed by the Burger and Supermarket Behemoths who've bought the event. Personally, I counted the fact that I've never once worn a baseball cap as a small victory for civilisation. Now I am amongst the Fallen.

By the way: I counted the number of times McBurger was mentioned or their logo was seen on screen during the two hour session. 173. As they're keen to gain recognition, I'll just mention this:

McDonalds: your marketing is only slightly more rancid, sickening and revolting than your so-called 'food'.

Let's just remind ourselves of what the judge said about McDonald's in the McLibel trial:

1. McDonalds' food is high in fat, saturated fat and salt, and low in fibre.
2. McDonald's deliberately engages in marketing to children and encourages 'pester power'.
3. Eating McDonald's products frequently will give you heart disease and increase your chances of contracting breast and bowel cancer.
4. McDonald's wages are so low that they depress wages across the entire industry.
5. McDonald's procurement practices cause animal cruelty.

The Olympic village will feature several McD outlets, one of which is the biggest in the world. It will be virtually impossible to find other food: alternatives are very limited and extremely expensive. What a celebration of sport!


Benjamin Judge said...

Vole, Vole, Vole. It is too late for these protests. You are part of the machine now.

You have already made your moral bed. Put on your purple pyjamas, and lie in it.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the torch route has been planned around branches of McDs? Enquiring minds need to know.