Friday, 11 May 2012

School Games… my turn to bore you

Well, everybody, I'm back and just in time for the masterclass in evasion, lies and hauteur from Rebekah 'I am the People' Brooks.

Anyway, I took an awful lot of photos at the games and most of them are quite dramatic. I'll post a few of my favourites here on Plashing Vole, and you can see the rest of them here. Any fencers/parents/organisers who want high-res copies can mail me and I'll sort them out. Click on these to enlarge. If you're a photographer, some hints: don't bother with monopods, zooms or anything else. I used my 50mm lens at 1.8, shutter speed of 1/640, ISO 800.

The fencing event went very well, and it's the same set-up for the Olympics, so I got a good idea of how everything will be in a couple of months' time. I had lots of small things to do, and spent 18 hours per day running round after them. The Excel venue and surrounding area is every bit the post-postmodern corporate postmodern hellhole I'd read about, and the supposed regeneration has done absolutely nothing for the desperately poor areas on the other side of the barbed wire. Ballardian is absolutely the term for it.

Having a go at multiple exposure shots - more practice needed

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