Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Double Conundrum Special

One for me, and one serious one on behalf of a horticultural chum.

1. If you could commit only ONE violent assault on a member of the Conservative Party, who would be the lucky recipient of the Sharpened Spade of Vengeance?

2. Famous gardens in literature. I've got the Shakespeare ones, Eden and the Cherry Orchard. Your suggestions?

Toodle pip.
Scanned by iCritical.


The Plashing Vole said...

My suggestions do far:
Rivendell and Bilbo's gardens in The Hobbit. 
Pear-tree garden in Bliss, by Katherine Mansfield
Eden in various legends and Paradise Lost.
The garden of Appleton House, by Marvell
Lots of gardens in the Arabian Nights and Coleridge's Kublai Khan, Bocaccio's Decameron and Alice in Wonderland
The Bower of Bliss in the Faerie Queen. 
Those of the various Canterbury Tales.
The Bower of Bliss in the Faerie Queen. 
Tom's Midnight Garden and The Secret Garden. 
Moominmama has a garden!
McEwan's Cement Garden. Concrete, bodies and incest. 
Pepys buried cheese in his garden. 
Tennyson, the Lotos Eaters. 
Thoreau's Walden, my favourite book ever. 

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more violent than love... And the Tories need a lot of that.

The secret garden- so I can't really say. ;0)

Alex said...

I went on a date with Francis Maude's daughter once. He's a cunt. it would be him...

Shackleford Hurtmore said...

Tory/Spade Interface: Nick Clegg. I expect Tories to be complete dicks. But any time in the last couple of years, Clegg could have walked away from the coalition and saved the country pain. Instead he has skulked around grabbing whatever crumbs he can get for himself whilst allowing the rest of the country to go to hell. Even worse, less people will vote Lib Dem again, returning us to the farce of two party politics for another 10-20 years.

Garden: The one where they film Midsummer Night's Dream in Wise Children.

Ewarwoowar said...

Don Vito dies in his garden in The Godfather, as any fule kno.

Oh, and Gove, obviously.

Al said...

Miss Havisham's garden. Needs attention.

Alex said...

Ellesar said...

As I have just updated my blog with Cameron captioned with 'Britains most punchable man' it would have to be him.

I can only think of The Secret Garden

neal said...

This is a tricky one. I've got it narrowed down so far to Lansley, Gove or Osborne.
My Dad's gone for Osborne and my mom for Gove.

Can't help you with the gardens I'm afraid.