Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Never let the bastards grind you down

I'm really pleased that the Secretary of State for Health can only carry out PR stunt visits to hospitals with the aid of a phalanx of cops and security guards. In this excellent video, an enraged doctor puts down his golf clubs to take up arms in defence of public health. This is what I want from the next 4 years until the election: a government forced to duck and weave as angry citizens make their disapproval manifest - not smug rich men behaving as though they were elected with a huge majority and solid mandate. Nobody voted for the privatisation of the NHS, policing and education, but that's what's happening. That gives us the right to harass, heckle and torment these arrogant bastards every time they appear in public.

Meanwhile, just because it's being going through my head all day, and it's a brilliant burst of feminist enthusiasm and musical genius, Bikini Kill's 'Rebel Girl'.

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