Friday, 23 December 2011

Warming the cockles

Proving that genocide is the key to a good Christmas, here's something I spotted in Waterstone's a few days ago:

Waterstone's appears to have a thing about the Nazis: according to the Guardian, some branches have been recommending Mein Kampf as a 'festive' read.

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oldgirlatuni said...

How spooky. I shall, in fact, be reading Mein Kampf over the Christmas break.

We taught the Nuremberg trials this term as part of Critical Intro to Law, and I was challenged by one of my (German) students as to whether or not I'd read MK. She suggested that I should, and I thought that it was a fair point. So, while I'm taking a break from baby-murder, I shall read the work of a man commonly described as evil.

Pass the Quality Street someone...