Thursday, 1 December 2011

This is what democracy looks like

If you follow American politics at all, you'll know there's a long and dishonourable tradition of trying to keep undesirables of the electoral roll, going back to the Civil Rights era. Sometimes it's bureaucratic: demanding more forms of identification than the poor and mobile are like to have or be able to afford, sometimes it's about intimidation and disinformation. It's happening here too: the Conservatives are about to abolish compulsory registration, in the hope that the poor and mobile (students, temporary workers etc) don't bother, leaving elections in the hands of the stable Daily Mail reading classes.

Ray Lutz is a candidate for the Democratic Party. He set up a voter registration desk in the Civic Center Plaza, where there's an Occupy camp: and was arrested for trespassing (remember me blogging about pseudo-public space a few weeks ago?).

Don't be a Klutz: vote for Lutz!

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