Monday, 14 November 2011


You may (though why should you) remember that a year or so ago, I visited Stoke's Bethesda Chapel, the grandest of the Methodist Connexion's places of worship. Having featured on the BBC's Restoration show, it attracted enough money to start rebuilding. I saw it in a pretty derelict condition - enough to make an atheist like me mourn.

I went back this weekend - the chapel was open to show the public how far on they were. Structurally, this fine building is now solid and safe once more. It's got a ceiling, and only a year and a couple of million £s will finish the job.

Here are some of the latest photos I took - the rest are here. Click on these to enlarge.

I'll miss the dereliction when it's finished: I do like a good bit of decay. 

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