Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Welcome to Sheffield

George Orwell called Sheffield 'the ugliest town in the Old World'. It's not now - it's mostly beautiful and the rough bits have charm of their own.

I'm here for the European Fencing Championships and Wheelchair Fencing Championships, as a volunteer. As a special prize, our t-shirts are shocking pink, which clashes rather violently with my pasty Irish skin. Armourers and medics get sharp black, the lucky dogs.

However, I have wifi when I'm not working, so I'll try to get some exciting pictures of fencers - most of them will be at the Olympics next year too.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Plashing Vole was mentioned on Radio 4's You and Yours show yesterday. I didn't hear it, so I've no idea what they said about me. Hopefully it wasn't an item on how to get fired through blogging about work…

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Anonymous said...

You Twitter was actually quoted as 'Flashing Vole'. Time for a re-brand for the Vole?