Friday, 15 July 2011

Oh yes, there are more fencing photographs to come

And there are even more from the 2011 European fencing championships here! Click on these ones for massive versions.

Joy for some, bitter defeat for others (not sure whether Delbergue or the Romanian won this one)

No opening ceremony is complete without contemporary dance, though it did feel slightly tasteless to have acrobatic writhing for the wheelchair championship opening ceremony: especially this move. The choir was excellent.

Pranz (Austria) lands a lovely flick to Cassara's chest. Cassara came 2nd overall.

And another flick from Pranz

Ola (Aleksandra) Socha of Poland and Galyna Pundyk of Ukraine in the women's sabre semi-final

Victory for Socha

Gavrilova (Russia) hits Kharlan (Ukraine) on the mask

Avola (Italy) parries Cheremisinov (Russia) in the men's foil semi-final

Then lands this beauty to the chest.

Cheremisinov tries a marching attack on Avola

Avola avoids Cheremisinov's lunge

Cheremisinov winds himself up for another attack on Avola (Avola won).

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