Monday, 18 July 2011

Adventures in hirsutism

My friend Neal recently grew a fine beard, seemingly for the amusement of his friends. As you can see, the experiment ended this week: he's giving the luxuriant Edwardian moustache a couple of days' grace, then it's all coming off before he heads to foreign climes to recover from a few months of honest toil.

To me, there's something of the outré Edwardian scandalmonger about this: D. H. Lawrence perhaps, E. M. Forster, or George Bernard Shaw.

See the rest here: click these examples to enlarge.

Flashman about to be cashiered from the service

'Utter one more word about this damned 'evolution', Sir, and I shall have you horsewhipped!'

This one reminds me of the great Irish-Australian pugilist, Paddy Slavin:

or even better:


Benjamin Judge said...

Neal with a moustache is the hottest thing I have ever seen.

The Plashing Vole said...

There is something of the 70s porn star about him. A bit droopier and he'd be Ron Burgundy, Anchorman