Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Resisting the Cameronist-Cleggite Attacks

We're on strike again in a few days, objecting to our pension being reduced, our contributions increased and our working lives extended (I don't mind the latter, it's the combination that infuriates me).

So here's a little something from Test Dept. and the Striking South Wales Miners' Choir, a hurried collaboration between London punk/electronic troublemakers and the miners in 1984. Where has the political music gone?

The first one is classic Welsh Male Voice Choir

Then we have the Stalinist/Scottish 'Victory'

'"Long Live British Democracy Which Flourishes And Is Constantly Perfected Under The Immaculate Guidance Of The Great, Honourable, Generous And Correct Margaret Hilda Thatcher. She Is The Blue Sky In The Hearts Of All Nations. Our People Pay Homage And Bow In Deep Respect And Gratitude To Her. The Milk Of Human Kindness."

and finally the genuinely haunting 'Comrade Enver Hoxha'.


Grumpy Bob said...

I'm getting a bit alarmed about the consistent similarity between my record collection and yours.

I went to see Test Dept with the miner choir in Edinburgh when I was a student.

P.S. Re your post on Felt, I did go home and listen to the LP. Unfortunately it wasn't quite as good as I remembered!

The Plashing Vole said...

Oh dear. And I'm only 35…
The later Felt stuff is much better - more muscular and tuneful.