Thursday, 2 June 2011

Filling in the longeurs

With marking done and my desk disinfected, there's a danger that my waking hours will once more become a wasteland of sitting around in my pants rocking back and forth in front of Jeremy Kyle…

Luckily, The Hegemon's management are so unpleasant and incompetent that those magic hours with Jeremy will have to be postponed in favour of emergency union meetings. The latest wheeze is to reduce the hours reserved for various types of activity, so that it looks like we aren't horrendously overworked. In reality, of course, we're hugely understaffed. Classes are too big, administration (only managers get admin staff) takes weeks and research doesn't get done unless you're one of the Big Beasts who refuses to teach, sit on committees or help students.

Here's one of my favourite meetings, from the glorious Glenngarry GlenRoss, a film summarising why I like working in the public sector, despite everything.

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