Friday, 3 June 2011

Everybody needs a holiday

The world continues to crash round our ears. The environment is ruined to such an extent that there's no escape. It's too late. The NHS is being dismembered. The poor and the sick and the old and the young are under constant attack. Universities and schools are degraded in the pursuit of a low-skills, low-wage economy. This city has 25% empty shops and a host of social problems associated with social decay.

What's my MP, the lovely Paul Uppal, doing about it? Well, the good news is that he's put in a cameo appearance in the city. The bad news - according to his Twitter feed -  is that he's spending it lounging around in the gardens of a National Trust stately home, in the only area unaffected by his party's disgraceful policies. No doubt charming the rich old ladies who volunteer (and - entirely coincidentally - vote Conservative) there is exactly what Cameron thinks the Big Society is all about, but it's not going to get the rest of us out of the mire, is it?

Still, there's a great view from Wightwick Manor (one of my favourite places). From the manicured lawns, Uppal can gaze down on the tumbledown schools, abandoned nurseries and sink estates which are his and his party's legacy.

Wondering about Uppal's workrate? Well, this is what you get when you put his name into Google News:
Your search - "Paul Uppal" mp - did not match any documents.
Meanwhile, some naughty Wrexham supporter living here has also been teasing Mr. Uppal. Are we in a situation where his detractors put in more effort than the target of our affection?
Where I live, imaginary MP Paul Uppal (a man who’s only connection to Wolverhampton seems to have been getting a shiny Mick McCarthy sticker in his Italia 90 Panini album) represents us having won under First Past The Post.  


ed said...

Small objection - I volunteer for the National Trust, and

1. I am not a charming old lady.
2. I will never vote Conservative.

Granted, I'm a rarity of sorts in that NT workers are predominately old toffs. Yet, volunteering in the second hand book shop (and thus taking away copious amounts of second hand books) alleviates my general uneasiness about it all.

And, as a surreal aside, I served you on one of our annual book weekends a couple of years ago (thank you for your generous contribution - I recall you bought quite a few).

Down with Uppal.

stuckon194 said...

Guilty as charged I'm afraid!

The worrying thing also is that my little blog has been teasing the first couple of pages of google for a search of Paul Uppal, having mentioned him about twice ever.

So lord knows what he has been up to. Asides from the odd nap in Parliament, obviously...