Friday, 18 March 2011

Why does he bother?

Uppal's asking questions again:

To ask the Secretary of State for Health what steps he plans to take under his NHS reforms to ensure redress for patients who suffer injury as a result of negligent medical treatment in an NHS hospital; and if he will take steps to ensure that such rights of redress are no less than those that would apply to a patient suffering injury in a privately-run hospital.

I know the answer. You know the answer. The minister wearily knows the answer.

The standard national health service contracts already place a requirement on providers of NHS care to have appropriate indemnity arrangements in place.
Patients still continue the right to make a claim where they have been negligently harmed, regardless of who the provider of care was.

Uppal, I'm pretty sure, knows the answer. He's just flapping his mouth to a) draw attention to himself and b) imply that the National Health service is somehow worse than the private ones.

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