Thursday, 31 March 2011

How many deaths at your hands?

Quite a lot, I suspect - most of us have played computer games at some point, and we as a culture seem to find mass killing entertaining. The last game I played a lot was Civilization II. I tried to avoid war, but quite often found my population annihilated in nuclear holocausts (the game is rigged against peaceful, socialist economics). Perhaps the attraction is the safety-valve principle or it's a throwback to fighting off rival tribes and sabre-toothed tigers (we sure showed them).


ed said...

Hahaha - "The game is rigged against peaceful, socialist economics". Mental image of Vole returning 'Civilisation II' to Gamestation with this excuse makes me laugh uncontrollably.

The Plashing Vole said...

It was infuriating. Such a great game but so obviously ideologically rigged. There's a new one out (VI, I think) - it looks almost good enough for me to start playing again.

The Red Witch said...

I am responsible only for the death of a few little green pigs. And some zombies, who don't really count since they are already dead.