Monday, 7 February 2011

He doesn't like trees

Predictably, my narcissistic MP, Paul Uppal, voted for the government's plans to privatise the forests. As a property developer, he probably sees them as weeds clogging up a potential car park.

What is going on with the Tories? Essentially, they're two parties: the old squirearchy which likes the countryside, foxbaiting, peasants tugging the forelock, the monarchy, Olde Englande, warm beer, Empire and so on, and the New Tories, who like privatisation, the abolition of government, hedge funds, private jets, tax evasion, globalisation and selfishness. The two don't go together very well at all. Old Tory wants a mobile library visiting old people in idyllic villages. New Tory wants to abandon libraries and old people as statist, socialist crap.

The tensions are really starting to show with the Big Society idea: it's an attempt to make a bunch of New Tories look slightly like the caring (but wrong) Old Tories, while they get on with helping the bankers and arms dealers without our oversight.

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