Friday, 17 December 2010

The Wikipedia it's OK to like

The Republic of Cuba has launched it's own online editable encyclopaedia, called Ecured. It's small enough at the start, but will no doubt expand. What will be interesting is the degree of freedom allowed to its editors when dealing with sensitive topics such as Cuba itself. After all, Wikipedia has restricted edits on matters such as Palestine and Israel. Plus, no doubt, anti-Cuban and anti-Communist trolls will be all over it.

The signs look promising: the entry on Wikileaks has a section on Cuba's appearance - though whether this is full or partial is unclear, as is how long it will last. There's even a section on the Cuban Missile Crisis, though my Spanish isn't up to assessing its quality.

Hasta la victoria siempre, comrades.

MEanwhile, have a look at Lori Nix's tiny models of post-apocalyptic urban scenes. After the Singularity, my house will look like this (sorry, can't copy the images).

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