Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Just in from the department of You Couldn't Make It Up

There's little worse than a imperialist liberal hypocrite (speaking as a lefty):
 "Even in authoritarian countries, information networks are helping people discover new facts and making governments more accountable."
She went on to relate how, during his visit to China in November 2009, Barack Obama had "defended the right of people to freely access information, and said that the more freely information flows the stronger societies become. He spoke about how access to information helps citizens to hold their governments accountable, generates new ideas, and encourages creativity." 
So said Hillary Clinton in January, in a major speech on internet freedom. What does she say now that Wikileaks revealed that - amongst other things - American diplomats are asked to collect the DNA of United Nations officials?
"stealing... dangerous.. and not serving the public good."
"this disclosure on just an attack on America's foreign policy interests it is an attack on the international community." 
(Obviously, America's foreign policy interests and 'the international community' are the same thing).
she said the Wikileaks disclosure "tear at the fabric of "responsible government... every country including the USA must be able to have candid conversations... there is nothing laudable about endangering innocent people". 
Unless you're using B52 bombers.

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ed said...

Julian Assange has been arrested because his hair is too nice to be allowed. Seriously - have you ever seen a better groomed computer hacker?