Monday, 13 December 2010

I almost feel sorry for Vodafone

Corporations like to seem cool and up to date. So they do things like have Twitter accounts. Vodafone decided to run a little competition this weekend: send in things that 'mademesmile' and win a camera. Every tweet was displayed in real time on their website front page.

Oh dear. All those nasty critics and cynics somehow found out about it, and Vodafone's website was filled with short comments about tax evasion.

Within an hour #mademesmile was trending, and zipped to the top of Twitter’s trending topic list. Instead of the collection of warm, fuzzy feelings Vodafone had been hoping to have associated with their brand, visitors to the stream were treated to a barrage of tweets lambasting the company for dodging taxes. First we occupied their stores, then we occupied their hashtag. 

That'll teach them to fake it.

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