Monday, 6 December 2010

Bearded in his den

Hegemon students visited Paul Uppal this week, carrying 2000 Christmas cards asking him to vote against tuition fees.

Nice try. Just because Paul got a free education (though he's very coy about what degree classification he achieved, if any), doesn't mean he cares about students. No, Paul's strategy is to be slavishly loyal in hope of reward.

Mr Uppal failed to give a response when asked about the need to increase tuition fees to £9000 a year given that £7000 fees would cover all teaching grant cuts.
When asked how he would be voting on December 9th, Mr Uppal stated that his position had not changed and that he will still be voting in favour of higher tuition fees.  We pointed out that such a decision would be detrimental to future students and asked if he would reconsider his position, to this he flatly refused.  
We ended the meeting by making clear to Mr Uppal that the students of Wolverhampton would not be voting for him in the next General Election.

Fat chance. It's a marginal seat (majority of just over 690) with several thousand students living in it: I hope their next move is to engage in a massive voter registration drive and throw him out.

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