Monday, 22 November 2010

Euro ho ho ho

Red faces for the Tories. They spent the last couple of years forming a special hard-right alliance with some antisemitic, homophobic Polish politicians in the European Parliament. They even fired one of their own MEPs for standing against Michal Kaminiski for the group's leadership, and insisted that the Law and Justice Party was a mainstream conservative party.

Oh dear. The very unpleasant Mr. Kaminski has resigned - on the grounds that the Tories' new friends are too rightwing and extremist. This must be the first time that a man who campaigned against Holocaust memorials has attacked David Cameron's mates from the left!

So: will David stick with the far-right, or dump them and leave his party entirely isolated in Europe - he pulled the Tories out of their alliance with Merkel's Christian Democrats and other 'respectable' centre-right parties.

There'll be some good spinning on this one.

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