Thursday, 7 October 2010

That'll show them

My miserable, selfish and untrustworthy Member of Parliament isn't the only victim of my fast typing.

I contacted the Department for Foreign Affairs (the Irish equivalent of the Foreign Office) last year to ask what they were doing about the Israelis forging Irish passports to use in assassinations.

Turns out, not a lot. They've told the Israelis that they're very naughty boys, and asked one diplomat to leave. Not even expelled.

Given the strong circumstantial evidence identified by the British investigation into the use of its passports in the same incident, which implicated the Israeli security services, the strong likelihood is that the counterfeit Irish passports concerned were manufactured or acquired by an agency of the State of Israel.
As the misuse of Irish passports by a State with which Ireland enjoys friendly, if sometimes, frank bilateral relations, is clearly unacceptable, a firm response was required. To this end, the Government decided that, by way of protest at its unacceptable action, that Israel be requested to withdraw a designated member of staff of its Embassy in Dublin. This demand has been acceded to by the Israeli government.    

Bet Mossad are quaking in their boots. They won't cross the Irish again. Oh no.

The minister also says that the biometric passports are perfectly secure. Oh yeah, and really?

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