Monday, 18 October 2010

That'll show them (or, Why the SU is a useless waste of space)

My own union, the University and Colleges Union, is holding a mass demonstration in London with the National Union of Students to protest the privatisation/abolition of higher education.

Our Students' Union is advertising the event thusly:

Oh dear. Apart from the horrendous spelling mistake, all it says to me is that this demo is a bit of a lark before getting on with the serious business of shopping. Shout a few slogans about education-as-consumerism, then get down to Oxford Street with your credit card.

No wonder the government doesn't give a feck for student opinion. I'd go with Pol Pot and send all the intellectuals out to the fields, only the SU leadership wouldn't qualify…

Blossom's a bit peeved by this too.

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unluckydip said...

All the SU seems to be, from the eyes of the average student; derived from interactions I've had, is a way to get 10/20% discounts from shops and nothing more.