Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Friend or fan

Yesterday morning, it was all so simple. I was going to spend Saturday walking to Mitchell's Fold (a Bronze Age stone circle on the Shropshire Hills), then go to the Monteverdi concert on Sunday with my mother.

Not any more. Film Four are having a Star Trek Marathon. All ten films, with introductions and discussions. Oh my. Even the rubbish films (III, parts of IV - which was nominated for four Oscars - all the Next Generation ones) are sorely tempting.

Hm. Daddy or chips?

Your thoughts? Or abuse…


Ewarwoowar said...


In other news, I'm expecting a blog post about the news I've just woken upto Voley. No, not Clare Raynor, the unlimited fees. Shocking stuff, really.

The Plashing Vole said...

Already done!

Good link.