Thursday, 7 October 2010

All hail the Manchester Blog Awards

I went along to the Manchester Blog Awards last year, to support Cynical Ben, who is now Who The Fudge Is Benjamin Judge? and a load of other sites of which I've lost track, because life's too short, although they're all very good. I was a little bit snarky at the expense of some of the crowd.

He didn't win, which was a shame, but some good blogs did. And some not very good ones. He's nominated again this year and I've a feeling it's his year. He's added lots of his literary work to the site, as well as the old favourites like winding me up. Surely that's a winning combination?

Perhaps it's time to start the Dark Place Bloggies?


Benjamin Judge said...

Mentioning the awards to get on the site eh? I like it.

They haven't even announced the shortlist yet, so don't count your chickens where I'm concerned.

All last years winners (My Shitty Twenties, Words & Fixtures, Lost in Manchester, and RunPaintRunRun) are excellent by the way. So there.

The Plashing Vole said...

It was your idea.
Actually, you're right. The winners were worthy, but some of the competitors weren't!