Monday, 6 September 2010

UK School Games Day 2

I'm going to bore you with more pictures I'm afraid. The parents and fencers like them, and I'm getting the hang of sports photography. Click on them for larger images.

Larking about!

There are two styles of fencing - neat, clinical and controlled, or dramatic and swashbuckling. I try to be economical and neat (and fail) - looking for the perfect time and place to place the point on target - but most of the good kids have the energy and appetite for the swashbuckling style, which is good for photography.

Marsh times it perfectly to score as his opponent attacks

Wheelchair fencing demonstration. They're locked into metal frames an arm's length away from each other. I tried it once and found it far, far harder than ambulatory fencing. You can't retreat at all, so there's no time for a breather and to plan another attack, so you're constantly attacking or defending without the possibility of safe distance. 

Sabre is a cutting weapon, and the fastest of all, leading to wild moments like this.

More pictures of Day 2 here.

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