Thursday, 2 September 2010

Coming from a computer near you. Maybe

A quiet moment so I've sneaked into the computer room to say hello. It's years since I used a Windows machine and I'm finding it really difficult. Some creative hacking later might get me online with my Mac so I can post some photographs of Newcastle I took at sunset the other day. Things are really starting to get busy here, and there's a real buzz.

I'd let you in on it, but the authorities here have blocked all the webpages the athletes might actually use: Twitter, Facebook, Hotmail, GMail,Youtube etc - so they can't follow the UK School Games's own Twitter page, or that of British Fencing. You can though!

It's probably a good thing I won't be online much, as I've read a couple of interviews with Tony Blair to mark the publication of his memoirs. They made me very angry. He's clearly far more rightwing than even I - a longtime member of the Leftwing Conspiracy - ever imagined. He's also frighteningly unintelligent, and even more frighteningly convinced of his own infallibility. If you want to make your toes curl, read the extracts in today's Guardian - terrible Mills and Boon sex scenes. Very unpleasant indeed.

Have a good week.

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