Monday, 13 September 2010

Bingham inconveniently pops off

One of the greatest legal minds of the past hundred years has died: Lord Bingham, most famous for his trenchant defence of human rights. Amongst his greatest hits:

ruled that detaining foreign suspects without trial was a breach of rights
argued that the Iraq war was illegal

Inconvenient because the new government wants to abolish the Human Rights Act and withdraw from some of the international Human Rights treaties the UK has signed - to be expected from Tory Scum, but shame on the Liberal Democrats, who used to care about such things.

When you write to your MP - and don't expect a reply if Paul Uppal is your representative - perhaps you should follow Lord Bingham's advice:

 'Which of these rights, I ask, would we wish to discard? Are any of them trivial, superfluous, unnecessary? Are any of them un-British? There may be those who would like to live in a country where these rights are not protected but I am not of their number'.

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