Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Thanks LOCOG!

The joys of automated aggregated news feeds eh? My previous post, having a little moan (out of character, I know) about the 2012 Olympics being 'proud' of only allowing people to use Visa cards, has been distributed to anyone subscribing to the official Olympic feed. I could have fun with this.

Not this week though - I'm off to the UK School Games, which covers 10 sports and aims to give the competitors the same experience as the Olympics - coaching, an athlete village, mock drug tests, Olympic standard venues, refereeing etc. etc. Though if the food's like last year's, I pity professional athletes.

I'll be the git in a lilac (!) hoody and polyester, unfortunately. There probably won't be web access, so I'll leave you alone until next Monday, which is also graduation day for my students. Must bring handkerchief.

Update: apparently graduation's on the Tuesday. I'll be sleeping on Monday.

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