Wednesday, 4 August 2010

PR Stunt of the day (I hope)

The Premier League (that's the top division of English soccer, overseas readers) has proposed opening a string of sport-themed 'free' schools (i.e. unsupervised by elected officials).

I assume that this is just a greedy, stupid and selfish organisation trying to make itself look more caring while currying favour with their friends in the Tory/Lib Dem government.

At least, I hope so. Perhaps they were inspired by the (moronic) introduction of league tables into education, and think that encouraging masses of kids to think that the answer to their problems is becoming a professional footballer is somehow useful. I'm also sickened by the branding and balkanisation of the new education system - schools are becoming indoctrination centres for anything from creationism to corporate products: little chance of independent thinkers emerging from these places.

What happens when a team is relegated? Will expelled kids get shown a red card by the headteacher (or 'referee', as we'll have to call him)? Will the top set kids drive Baby Bentleys and refuse to share the team bath with new kids? School photographs are going to be a nightmare, with every pupil's agent demanding 'image rights'. Still, excuses for not doing your homework will improve after studying the diving and cheating encouraged in the Premiership.

This is just a cynical exercise in branding and PR.

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