Friday, 13 August 2010

It's all over now

Yesterday saw the Dethronement of the King of Puck. The wild mountain goat isn't, as I'd hoped, curried and served to the thousands of hung-over revellers, but taken down from his eyrie and released back into the wild, confused but well-fed and neatly groomed. For the revellers, as one put it, if it were raining today as well as being the day after Puck, we'd be reaching for the antidepressants.

At the same time, the honorary Lord Mayorship is conferred on the candidate who raised most money for charity. The winner this year was one Paudie Cronin, standing on the outrageously plagiarised 'Yes We Can Again' slogan.

As you can see, he's a man who carries a lot of weight in this town.

A very few more here.

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