Thursday, 26 August 2010

Folk off.

Hello all. Very late start to the day - sometimes staying in bed is just irresistible. Lasst night saw the Map Twats gather in a trendy pub in Birmingham to gossip and watch Topkapi, a Peter Ustinov crime caper which wasn't very good really. We abandoned it halfway through in favour of catching up with each other. To mark the occasion, Ben and Jo presented me with a badge reading 'love me I'm a liberal' which pleased me very much because I'm a hard-leftist with the occasional disgraceful liberal outburst, and because one of my favourite songs in the world is Phil Ochs' satirical 'Love Me, I'm a Liberal', in which he pokes fun at the class which liked to see itself as cool and relaxed until actual serious issues have to be tackled.

Here's Jello Biafra's updated version for the 1980s:

I'm having an all-Joni Mitchell day. I know that will horrify some of you, but I don't care.

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